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47° 12' 43.5816" N, 9° 43' 22.44" E

Via Alpina is designed as a European culture trail. Between Bavaria and Liechtenstein, the route runs right across Vorarlberg, from Hochtannberg to Schröcken and Schadonapass to Buchboden, continuing along the Grosses Walsertal and the Walgau to the Rhine valley. It is a transversal route for sophisticated hikers wanting to explore the natural and cultural landscapes of the Alps as unspoilt as possible and on safe trails. A certain degree of physical fitness is required for the trail across the Schadonapass. From Buchboden, the walking itinerary can be cut short by using the bus. Along the way, there are selected inns and comfortable hotels for accommodation.Day 1: From Hochkrumbach to Schröcken
Walking time: 2 1/2 hours
Starting point: Hochkrumbach, bus stop Gasthof Adler, 1,675 m. How to get there: regional bus No. 40 (until 16 Jun) / No. 42 (17 Jun–8 Oct).
Finish: Schröcken centre, 1,269 m
Difference in altitude: ascent 190 m,
descent approx. 500 m
Description of route: to familiarize walkers with the Tannberg area, the route first runs from Hochkrumbach to St. Jakob chapel at the Simmel look-out (1,740 m), continuing via the Hochtannberg pass (1,676 m) to lake Körbersee and via the high-lying valley of Auenfelds and Batzenalpe (1,560 m) to the small Walser village of Schröcken (1,269 m).
Places to rest: Hochkrumbach, Körbersee, Batzenalpe (snacks during alp time), Schröcken

Day 2: From Schröcken via Schadonapass to Buchboden
Walking time: 6 3/4 hours
Starting point: Schröcken, 1,269 m
Finish: Buchboden centre, 910 m
Difference in altitude: ascent approx. 950 m, descent 1,080 m
Description of route: From Schröcken centre take a leisurely walk along the young Bregenzerach river up to the footbridge, then continue uphill to Schadonapass and Biberacher Hütte (1,846 m) to the rearmost Grosses Walsertal. Take the high-altitude trail via Fürkele (1925 m), Alpe Oberüberlut (1,585 m) and maisaess Unterüberlut. The day’s leg ends at the Walser hamlet of Buchboden (910 m) in the Grosses Walsertal.
Places to rest: Schröcken, Biberacher Hütte, Buchboden

Day 3: Buchboden – St. Gerold, pilgrimage on the Walserweg trail
Walking time: 5 1/2 hours
Point of departure: Buchboden, 910 m.
Finish: monastery of St. Gerold, 848 m.
Difference in altitude: ascent approx. 390 m, descent 450 m
Description of route: Follow the leisurely regional Walser trail along the river Lutz. You reach the next small Walser settlement at the hamlet of Garsella (735 m) in the valley. From there, cross the mountain pastures and the rough Waldtobel uphill to Blons (903 m), continue down to the fierce Rüfitobel, before reaching the provostry of St. Gerold (848 m) after a short ascent.
Places to rest: Buchboden, Garsella, Blons, St. Gerold

Day 4: St. Gerold – Feldkirch
Walking time: 5 3/4 hours
Starting point: provostry of St. Gerold, 848 m.
Finish: Feldkirch centre, 458 m
Difference in altitude: ascent 140 m, descent 580 m.
Description of route: Follow the Walser trail through a gorge forest and grasscovered hills to the village of Thüringerberg (877 m) at the entry to the Grosses Walsertal. The trail continues on the sunexposed face of the Walgau, passing the idyllic villages of Schnifis and Röns, to Satteins (panoramic trail with wide views into the valley and the Rätikon mountain scenery). From Satteins, walk along the shores of the river Ill starting in Schildried, reaching the gate of Feldkirch (458 m) via Stein and the Ill gorge at the foot of the Schattenburg fortress.
Places to rest: St. Gerold, Thüringerberg, Schnifis, Röns, Satteins, Stein, Feldkirch

trekking features

  • Camping and/or teahouse/lodge trek
  • Length < 7 days
  • Maximum Altitude >2000m and <3000m

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Address: Bahnhofstrasse 14
Phone: +43 (0)5574 425250

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