Bleaklow Head trek

This Bleaklow Head trek is most certainly one of those best kept for a clear day with a good weather forecast. Those who love rare wild places that are untouched by people and search for solitude when walking in the hills will love this walk. This trek takes you over what some refer to as the most inhospitable terrain in Britain. The total distance is 15 km, which takes about 5,5 hours. You can start from (Old) Glossop.
The Bleaklow plateau is a huge bleak desert of peat hags and groughs edged by rocky gritstone cliffed cloughs. The odd outcrops of the Wain Stones and Hern Stones are of great interests. This hike is not the longest in the Peak District, but is by far one of the hardest due to the pathless and rugged terrain. Navigation skills are very important as are the right hike equipment. As it is a tough walk on hard walking terrain, you either love it or hate it. In general lots of people love it.

trekking features

  • Length < 7 days
  • Difficulty - Hard

Bleaklow Head trek details

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