Cumbria Way - Ulverston to Carlisle

The Cumbria Way is one of the most popular long distance trekkings of England (Britain). The 70 mile (100 km) long distance route (or 74 mile if you take the long way) runs from Ulverston in south Cumbria (close to the shores of Morecombe Bay) to Carlisle in the north of England. You will be passing through and over the heart of the Lake District. This is Engeland's finest countryside and scenery. It mainly keeps to lowland valleys but occasional rises to cross the upland fells.
In the beginning of this trekking you hike through farm fields and country lanes before eventually reaching more familiar Lake District terrain at Beacon Tarn. From the picturesque village of Coniston, you head uphill through woodlands with beautiful panoramic views of the Coniston Fells, eventually reaching the beautiful but small Tarn Hows. After Tarn Hows the path following the riverside paths into the awesome Langdale Valley and the villages of Elterwater and Chapel Stile.
From Langdale to Keswick is one of the toughest part of the trekking. It is fairly long and involves one of the two high routes on the way. From Langdale Valley you head into the wide and untouched Mickledon Valley before heading uphill and over the wild Stake Pass route. After the high route of Stake Pass the way continues down into one of the Lakes hidden gems, the Langstrath Valley. On a sunny day it is one of the most spectacular views in the country. The way ends into the jaws of Borrowdale. After passing through the village of Rosthwaite follows the left side of Derwent Water to Keswick. This part of the trek is for most of the people the most favourite one.
The hike from Keswick to Calbeck (7 hours) is by far the most remote and wildest and also involves one of the two high routes on the way. You will pass Ormathwaite, the Glenderaterra Beck valley between Skiddaw and Blencathra, Back of Skiddaw, Grainsgill Beck on to Great Lingy Hill and High Pike at 658m.
The last part of the walk starts in the picturesque village of Caldbeck and more or less follows the course of the River Caldew all the way to the busy bustling city of Carlisle. There is no official finish point of the Cumbria Way but most see Carlisle Castle as the official end.
The way is usually walked from south to north. High Pike is the highest point on the Cumbria Way at 658M above sea level. It is near Caldbeck.
Suggested itinerary:
Day 01: Ulverston to Lowick. 7 miles (10 km)
Day 02: Lowick to Coniston. 9 miles (14 km)
Day 03: Coniston to Great Langdale. 7.5 miles (12 km)
Day 04: Langdale to Rosthwaite. 9 miles (14 km)
Day 05: Rosthwaite to Keswick. 7 miles (10 km)
Day 06: Keswick to Bassenthwaite. 11 miles (17 km)
Day 07: Bassenthwaite to Caldbeck. 10 miles (16 km)
Day 08: Caldbeck to Carlisle. 13 miles (21 or 24 km), 7 hours
Also possible is to do day 1 en 2 in one day. That will take about 7 hours. Then you will hike from Ulverston to Coniston.
You can also walk 17 km on day 2, Coniston to Langdale. The Valley is big and it depends on where you would like to stop. In the Langdale Valley are many accommodation options from luxury rooms at the inns to campsites and bunkhouses.
You can also do the hike from Langdale to Keswick (day 4 and 5) in one day. Then it will be 17 km (short way) and around 7.5 hours of walking. This option is considered to be hard.
You can also do the hike from Keswick to Caldbeck (day 6 and 7) in one day. Then it will be 23 km (short way) and around 7 hours of walking. This option is also considered to be hard.
Concluded; you can do this 8 days of hiking also in 5 days, if you have little time or are well trained en experienced.

trekking features

  • teahouse / lodge trek
  • Length >7 days and < 14 days
  • Maximum Altitude <2000m
  • Difficulty - Medium

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