Daman Mountain Resort


27° 36' 0" N, 85° 4' 59.988" E

This guest house in Daman needs some maintainance, it is looking pretty old, but the basis rooms are still ok. They have rooms with and without bathroom and also tents available.
In the viewtower you'll find a restaurant and from it's platform you have excellent Himalayan views.

guesthouse features

  • Centrally located
  • Garden
  • Restaurant

Daman Mountain Resort details

Address: Tribhuvan highway
Phone: 00977-1-4438023

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Daman Mountain Resort is ok

Daman Mountain Resort is a good place to stay in Daman. Indeed it is a bit old, but still ok for a night or two. If the weather is good the views from the view tower are simply amazing. You can see the Himalaya all the way from Dhaulagiri in the west up to and beyond Mount Everest in the east.

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