Day trek to Punta La Marmora


39° 59' 13.3548" N, 9° 19' 27.1812" E

punta marmoraPunta La Marmora is the highest peak on the Italian island of Sardinia. It is part of the Gennargentu Mountain Range and it offers magnificient view over the island, the Supramonte mountain range in the eastern part of Sardinia and Mediterranean sea.

Turn eastwards along the SP7 from Desulo to Fonni (roughly 5km from Fonni, there are clear signs to Monte Spada & Bruncu Spina). 
From this road there are two options:

Drive to the end of the road towards the ski lift and take the path towards Punta Paulinu and hike on to Punta Marmora.

Or take the path 1km before the ski lift (near a parking place and a the start of a dirt road) and first climb to Bruncu Spina and continue View from gennargentualong the ridge.

For both routes count roughly 3 hours to reach Punta Marmora and 2 to 2,5 hours to return.

Depending on the weather conditions and time of the year it can be very hot to pretty cold.

trekking features

  • Length - day trek/hike
  • Maximum Altitude <2000m
  • Difficulty - Easy

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