Fortaleza Expedition

Fortaleza Expedition is a local Adventure Tourism Company with more of 10 years of experience in Patagonia, in special interest trips, kayaking adventures, climbing; and pioneers in multisport activities.
Its direction is in charge of Cristian Oyarzo Fierro, he was born in 1977 in Puerto Natales city. He is an adventurer and a local businessman in Special interest activities. He has about 15 years of experience, exploring and climbing in Patagonia, Spain, France and Peru. He studied in “Spanish and Guipuzcoana High Mountain Training College”.
Its work has had great interest in promoting new areas for the development of ecotourism activities, protecting and respecting the environment and working with the local community.


trekkingagency features

  • Trekking
  • Rafting / kayaking / canoeing
  • Eco tourism

Fortaleza Expedition details

Address: Tomas Rogers Street Nº235, Puerto Natales
Phone: 56-61-613394/56-61-613395
Fax: 56-61-410595

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