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Multi-day and Single-day Chile trekking holidays from our elite lodge in the world famous Futaleufu river valley: snow covered peaks, spectacular glaciers, turquoise rivers, hot springs, alpine lakes, scenic volcanoes, exotic wildlife, temperate rainforests, friendly Chilean culture and a unique microclimate that surpasses Torres del Paine. This is the place for Patagonia Trekking! Trekking the Futaleufu River valley allows you to immerse yourself in the spectacular physical beauty of the best kept secret of Patagonia, whose climate is often sunnier and kinder than Torres del Paine National Park. The Futaleufu river valley is situated at the southern tip of Parque Nacional Los Alerces, where the headwaters of the Futaleufu river are located in Lago Amutui Quimei.


Day 1: Arrival and Introductions
Arrive at either of our entry points in Puerto Montt, Chile or Esquel, Argentina, the gateway to Patagonia. Travel to the remote riverside town of Futaleufu, surrounded by majestic mountains.

Day 2: Trekking - Introduction to the Futaleufu Valley
Start your Chile trekking vacation with a trek up the Rio Espolon along white sand beaches, crossing small bridges over turquoise water with fishing and swimming holes at practically every turn. You can do another trek later in the day and tour the village of Futaleufu.

Day 3: Trekking - To the Throat of the Devil
trek along the pristine Rio Espolon until we get to a tremendous Class VI explosion of white frothy water. Here an alpine lake, Lago Espolon, funnels down through a small rock canyon, congested with boulders. It plummets to the river below with tremendous force. It is an awesome sight, aptly named the “La Garganta Del Diablo” translated as the Devils Throat.

Day 4: Trekking - To the Las Escales Valley
trek along the Infierno gorge, a black rock canyon of the Futaleufu River. Climbing up to the sky on all sides are white-capped mountains. As we view the agitated turquoise water 500 feet below, it is easy to imagine the tectonic activity that formed this area 70 million years ago. The trail enters into the open Las Escalas Valley, taking you about 200 years back in time with remote ranches connected by footpaths.

Day 5: Optional Multisport Day
Today you may take your pick of our wide array of activities. Choose from fishing, white water rafting, horseback riding, canyoning, or going to the beach for a stream side swim. You can also trek to the Class V Throne Room along the Futaleufu River.

Day 6: Trekking - To Rio Chico and the National Huemul Reserve
This Patagonia trekking day takes us upstream to a charming valley that contains the endangered Huemul; a small deer like animal that resembles the fabled jackelope of the American intermountain west. This animal is rarer that any species will encounter while trekking in Torres del Paine.

Day 7: Trekking - Argentina: Parque Nacional de Los Alerces
Today we ride horses to the border of Argentina, where we will tie our steeds and go trekking in Patagonia, Argentina’s Parque Nacional de los Alerces. Los Alerces is home to the endangered 3,000 year old Alerce trees, similar to the California redwoods.

Day 8: Departure
Wake up for an early breakfast and drive back to Chaiten, Chile and your flight to Puerto Montt, or relax for a couple of hours and take our shuttle to Esquel, Argentina.

trekking features

  • teahouse / lodge trek
  • Maximum Altitude >2000m and <3000m
  • Difficulty - Medium

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