Ganden to Samye

Ganden to Samye is the most popular trek in Tibet connecting two of its most important monastries: Ganden Monastery and Samye Monastery. ganden samye trek TibetThough popular, it is also a challenging one as it requires to camp in higher elevation, one at Shug-la (5250m) and other at Chitu-la (5100m).


The trek begins from the parking lot at the base of Ganden Monastery. The trail then ascends and covers many villages like Hepu village, where the yaks and yak herders are rented for the trek, and other villages like Nyango, Wango, Sangbu etc. In this trek one can know much about the cultures of the many villages and the shrines like Hepu's Yul lha, and Dorje Yudornma of Gen Do, the local protector deities worshipped by the villagers. This trek also offers many valleys, like Yama Do, Tsotup- chu valley, many meadows, and beautiful alphine forests. A narrow craggy bottle neck in the valley of Kychhu called Anil Pagong and hamlet of Pisha are some of the extras that you can't normally see on other trekkings.


From herder's camp to Samye Monastery, the trek has much to offer, like Yamalung Hermitage where Guru Rinpoche is said to have meditated and received empowerment, rebuilt palace where King Trisong Detsen is said to be born and the finish point of the trek Samye Monastery itself is the attraction of the trek.


After one day walk down the Yarlung Tsangpo valley at Tsetang from Samye Monastery, or six hours upstream from Samye, lift can be taken from ferry crossings.


Suggested Itineraries of 4-5 days trek of Ganden to Samye

Day 1: Ganden to Yama Do

Day 2: Yama Do to Tsotup-chu Valley

Day 3: Tsotup-chu Valley to Herders' camps

Day 4&5: Herders' camps to Samye Monastery


Best time for this trekking will be from Mid May to mid October


29° 45' 28.9224" N, 91° 28' 30.8604" E

trekking features

  • Camping Trek
  • Length < 7 days
  • Maximum Altitude >5000m
  • Difficulty - Hard
  • Difficulty - Medium

Ganden to Samye details

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