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Hakuna Matata Tours is your comprehensive tour company in the East and central Africa regions, specialized in organizing nature and inter-cultural learning, life time experiences, village stays among well renowned communities, education visit, interactive expeditions, safaris for all budget levels, beach vacations, study tours of any subject, excursions, bird watching tours, Hotel reservations, car hire services, cruises, mountain gorilla and leisure safaris.

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Phone: +250 08884822
Homepage: www.hakunamatatatours.com/
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Thieves and liars

My advice to anyone is stay away from Hakunamatata Tours in Rwanda, Kennedy and Desange are unrelaible and dishonest operators that will steal your money and do not understand the concept of service delivery or business ethics. STAY FAR AWAY! Steve Jordan, Access to Africa Johannesburg

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Hakuna Matata Tours the Worst ever!!

To start with, we were picked up 1.5 hours late for our 2 day trip. The driver then proceeded to drive all over town for another 2 hours picking up supplies, including a trip to his his own house for food. We did not need to be with him for all this and it should have been done before we were picked up. The vehicle was in terrible shape and did not have functioning seatbelts. This company was very unorganized and very unprofessional. They do not take credit cards and required all of the money up front in US cash, so once they have your money, they do not serve you as they should.


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Hakuna Matata Tours Unreliable

Hakuna Mata Tours in East Africa is totally unreliable. The owner, Kennedy, makes great promises but then leaves his clients, guides and drivers in a lurch. He extorts more money from clients while on tour, promising to return the money in a few days but never does. He shortchanges his drivers and guides so they spend their own money to cover expenses. He deserted our driver without cash for days and after months has refused to pay his salary, out-of-pocket expenses and the tip he was promised out of the refund I was due.

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