Hiking at Emei Shan

If you are planning for hiking in Emei Shan than you will also be taking the most popular route which everyone takes for the hike.

This hiking route will take you via Long Life Monastery, Chu Temple, Elephant Bathing Pool and the to the summit. When you reach to the summit enjoy the sights and views for what you walked hard. And then walk down to Magic Peak Monastery after Elephant Bathing Pool which will leads you to Venerable Trees Terrace and Pure Sound Pavilion.

Another option for hiking is to take a bus to Wuxiangang and start hiking. You can stay at Jingshui and get a cable car which will take you to Long Life Monastery. From here, you can walk to the summit or get bus or cable car to take you to the summit because the hike is for 2 hrs because of the steep way to the top.

The best time to do the hike at Emei Shan is between May and October.

trekking features

  • Camping and/or teahouse/lodge trek
  • Length < 7 days
  • Maximum Altitude >2000m and <3000m
  • Difficulty - Medium

Hiking at Emei Shan details

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