Hotel Lakutaia

Staying at Lakutaia Hotel allows you to visit places of unparallel beauty. You will enjoy the Majestic Darwin Mountain crowned by innumerable glaciers. In the southernmost point of Tierra del Fuego island, you will be able to navigate through intricate channels, breathtaking fjords and the mythical Cape Horn, landmark of sailboats lovers from all over the world.

By visiting LAKUTAIA, you will be witnessing the very same spot where Charles Darwin first met with the YAGAN, the first and original inhabitants of this remote corner. These nomads of the sea, a culture adapted to the harshest and most adverse conditions on the planet, were the southernmost inhabitants of the world by having their territories in the area of mythical Cape Horn, for which they developed a complex and rich culture which allowed them to live as just one more element in their environment.

By staying at LAKUTAIA you will have a unique chance to learn about these legendary austral peoples through lectures on the subject, given by the most qualified professionals on the field.


54° 56' 1.5324" S, 67° 36' 11.0448" W

Special features

  • in-house travel/trekking agency
  • quietly located

Hotel Lakutaia details

Address: Lodge Lakutaia, Seno Lauta s/n, Puerto Williams, Chile

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