Lake Manasarovar Kora

Lake Manasarovar Kora Trek is a sacred circuit following the edge of the lake Manasarovar which displays brilliant colour at the height of 4560m elevation. This 4-5 day trek is not much popular among the western travelers. Lake manasarovar, TibetThe main problem is the marshiness of the ground around the lake, and there are also many streams to cross, some of which become quite problematic during summer. But those who does this trekking is satisfied. The lake represents the female or wisdom aspect of enlightenment and is a symbol of good fortune and fertility.


Lake Manasarovar Kora Trek starts and ends at the Chiu Monastery and offers a series of friendly monasteries that mark the way like Chiu Monastery, Seralung Monastery, Trugo Monastery, Yerngo Monastery, Gossul Monastery etc. Valleys like Gyuma Valley, Tsering Madang Valley etc. and Hor Qu, the administrative centre of the area having several shops are also in the trail of this trekking. To make this trek easier, horses and a guide can be hired in Hor Qu. The trail also sees the caves with different values and goes through alternatively between sandy, gravelly and marshy ground.


Suggested itinerary for Lake Manasarovar Kora Trek

Day 1 : Chiu Monastery to Hor Qu

Day 2 : Hor Qu to Seralung Monastery

Day 3 : Seralung Monastery to Trugo Monastery

Day 4&5 : Trugo Monastery to Chiu Monastery


Best months for this trekking are May, June and September but July and August are also good months but sometimes they are very wet and hordes of gnats infest the shores.


30° 45' 14.1228" N, 81° 34' 12.4392" E

trekking features

  • Camping Trek
  • Length < 7 days
  • Maximum Altitude >4500m and <5000m
  • Difficulty - Hard

Lake Manasarovar Kora details

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