The Netherlands


The Netherlands 52° 19' 18.8796" N, 5° 0' 35.1576" E

The Netherlands is a monarchy, located in Western Europe. Its neighbouring countries are Germany to the east and Belgium to the south.
The Netherlands is often called Holland, which is formally incorrect as the region of Holland (nowadays divided into the provinces of North Holland and South Holland) in the western part of the Netherlands makes up only two of the country's twelve provinces.
The capital of The Netherlands is Amsterdam which is world famous for its canals, Van Gogh and Anna Frank museums, the red-light district, the coffee shops and the football club "Ajax" amongst others. Rotterdam is the next largest after Amsterdam and is also the largest port in Europe. From the balcony of your apartments Rotterdam and its impressive skyline is quite imposing and is one of the highlights of a visit here.

The Netherlands might not be the first country one would think of as a trekking or hiking destination, but its flatness, the large number of historical cities and the countryside make the country very suitable for hiking holidays.

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