Oberstdorf Trek

Oberstdorf gives you the best hiking options which can take you to 2800 feet and it can be reached within 3 ½ hours to Kemptner Hutte. It is a stone chalet which was built in the year 1891 and today it has 290 beds and it has the superior views of the surrounding Alps. If you want to do longer hikes compare to 3 ½ hrs then you can do the 3 day loop along the Heilbronner Weg. It starts from Oberstdorf and then it will take you to the Rappensee Hutte and Kemptner Hutte. In Kemptner Hutte, you can enjoy the Austria or just take few day trips to the higher peaks of Kemptner Hutte.

trekking features

  • Length < 7 days
  • Difficulty - Medium

Oberstdorf Trek details

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