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El Bolsón 41° 14' 41.1792" S, 66° 47' 48.75" W

El Bolsón is a little town in northern Patagonia. It is located only a few short hours south of San Carlos de Bariloche, on the Rio Negro and the border of Chubut province. This nice city is becoming a more and more popular destination for travelers. Especially for tourists who don't want to stay in the nearby Bariloche, which is more like a resort.
El Bolson has a friendly atmosphere and offers tourists tranquility. It is well known for its mountain culture, microbreweries and craft fair.
Concerning mountain culture; El Bolson has a Club Andino Piltriquitron, that manages tours and provides information about the many mountain refugios, or refuges, that are spread out among the mountains in the surroundings (the Camarca Andina). The distances of treks do vary, but most refugios are six to eight 8 hours trek over moderate terrain.
The privately managed refugios are for sure an unique experience. These serve as the actual homes for some local families who choose to live in the mountains without the common staples like hot water and electricity.
El Bolsón offers a wide selection of accommodation, although you will not find here anything that comes near a luxury resort. The tourist office is located in the center of town, opposite the main plaza, and will guide you to any number of camping grounds, hostels, cottage rentals or little bed and breakfasts.
The town is quite small, but many of the cottage rentals and higher quality lodging are located outside of town. So a vehicle can be welcome.

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