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Mendoza city 32° 53' 33.5472" S, 68° 50' 10.734" W

Mendoza is the capital of the province Mendoza in Argentina and it is located in the northern-central part of the province.  This beautiful city is located about 1100 km west of the capital of Argentina; Buenos Aires (which is about 13 hours by bus). And some 400 km from the capital of Chile; Santiago, which is about 6-7 hours by bus.  It also has an International Airport. It's about 2 hours fly from Buenos Aires and 1 hour from Santiago.Mendoza

This nice and relaxed city is lying in a region of foothills and high plains, on the eastern side of the Andes mountains. The region, rich in natural resources, natural wonders and natural areas, is a traveler’s paradise. A major road between Chile and Argentina runs through Mendoza. It is therefore a  frequent stopover for climbers on their way to climb Mount Aconcagua (America’s tallest peak) or for other activities like hiking, horse riding, mountaineering, rafting and other. The city is wellknown for wine making and olive oil. Producing near one billion liters of wine per year, the area is known for its bold flavors and affordable prices. The wineries, most of which are located near Mendoza city, are proud to produce the world’s highest ranked Malbec wines. The very well known "Ruta de los Vinos" (Route of the Wines) deserves special attention because tourists can visit ancient wine cellars and taste excellent yields which are product of carefully chosen grapes. 

The climate of the region is mild though the mountains provide a certain degree of aridity. The temperature in Summer ranges from 18º to 33º C and days are hot and nights are fresh and cool. In Winter, the minimum temperature is 3º C and the maximum registered temperature is 16 degrees.

Besides Summer activities like rafting and mountaineering, travelers can also enjoy this place in Winter; world class skiing and snowboarding.

An impressive irrigation system gives this capital city a virtual oasis; tree-lined streets, lush plazas and a beautiful municipal park, Parque San Martin, shade visitors and residents from the nearly constant sunshine. It offers visitors a bustling nightlife, great restaurants and endless shopping, but maintains an atmosphere more common to smaller cities or towns.

In the surroundings of Mendoza City, interesting places and towns can be visited: Maipú, Ruins of San Francisco Church, Villavicencio Thermal Resort,  El Challao, Cacheuta, Potrerillos and Vallecitos.

In the city you can find several travel agencies and tourist offices who can provide you with information about excursions to enjoy adventure travel and high mountain sports like andinism, hiking, ski or rafting and also about accommodation.

There is a big variety of accommodation in Mendoza. There is one 5 star hotels, several 4,3,2 and one star hotels. There are some boutique hotels, rural hotels, country hostelries, Bed & Breakfast, some Inns, lodging at estancias, some lodges, hostels, cabins, camping sites, apartments and apart hotels.

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