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27° 19' 57.6732" N, 91° 33' 11.3076" E

In Eastern region, there are few real valleys suitable for cultivation or habitation. Most of the valleys are simply made of riverbeds and the villages are perched high up along the slopes. The forests dissipate and the altitudes are lower compared to the central and western region resulting in a warmer climate. This is a not a much travelled region of the country, however it is very much known for its growing of rice, potatoes and lemon grass. It is also famous for its handloom textiles made from the famous weft loom method.
Even though the eastern part of the country is the most densely populated region, it remains Bhutan’s hinterland. Roads reach the major towns, but there are many remote and isolated valleys hidden behind the mountains. The dominant language of this regio is Sharchop. Besides Sharchop there are several local languages and dialects. The Eastern region comprises Mongar, Lhuentse, Tashigang and Trashi Yangtse.

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