Guilin trekking information

Guilin is a city in China, set in the northeast of the Guangxi. Guilin means “Forest of Sweet Osmanthus”. It is worldwide recognized for its unique scenery. Guilin has a different climate like Damp monsoon, warm, rainy, plenty of sunshine, clear vision of the four seasons, warm winters and average temperature of 19°C annually.

The main attractions of Guilin

1. Jingjiang Princess City – is a famous historical site in Guilin which functions as Guangxi Normal University and as a tourist attraction.

2. Seven Star Cave – Full with the history of exploration dating back to the Tang Dynasty. Sever Star Cave has a year round temperature of about 20 Celsius. The maximum height inside the cave is 27 meters and a width of 49 meters.

3. Moon Hill – is a hill with a natural arch.

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