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Longsheng is close to the Guizhou border which has forest reserves and unusual stone formations. It has a population of 167,000 with an area of 2,442 sq km. Monkey Hill, Wujian Hill, Xinzi Hill and Qipan Hill are also comes under Longsheng territory.
Few of the attractions of Longsheng are –
1. Baimian Yao Village – Set in a beautiful Longsheng Hot Springs National Forest Park, the Baimian Yao Village is 6 km away from the Longsheng Hot Spring which is surrounded by luxuriant forests and the home of the Red Yao people’s community. It covers an area of 35,000 square meters.
2. Dragon’s Backbone Rice Terraces – which covers an area of 66 square kilometers and stretch with an altitude between 300 meters and 1100 meters. Dragon’s Backbone Rice Terraces is a stunning natural image which is related together with rice terraces differ from season to season. Longji is the area to experience the Chinac ethnic culture.
3. Hot Springs National Forest Park – has a dense primeval forest with different rare species of animals and plants and not to forget the natural hot springs. You can find the pleasant atmosphere here around the year which is also the good option if you want to escape from the summer heat. Sixteen hot springs of Longsheg are very well recognized around the world, which has the water temperature from 45°C to 59°C.

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