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The GR20 in Corsica is one the most beautiful treks in Europe. Famous for its dramatic coastline and pretty, perched mountain villages, the French Island of Corsica reveals its most spectacular scenery only to those who are prepared to travel on foot.

It is a difficult trek and it is recommended to take a guide. The southern part is a bit easier than the northern part which can be done as two separate treks as well.

Below you'll find just one possible itinerary for the full 14 day route.

Day 1 Calvi to Bonifatu
Day 2 Bonifatu to High Asco
Day 3 Haut Asco to the sheepfolds of Vallone
Day 4 Sheepfolds of Vallone to Verghio
Day 5 Verghio to the Sega refuge
Day 6 Sega refuge to Corte
Day 7 Corte to Vizzavona
Day 8 Vizzavona to Capanelle
Day 9 Capanelle to the Pass of Verde
Day 10 Pass of Verde to Cozzano
Day 11 Cozzano to the Sheepfolds of Basseta
Day 12 Basseta to the asinau Refuge


42° 1' 58.7064" N, 9° 8' 26.25" E

trekking features

  • Camping and/or teahouse/lodge trek
  • Length >7 days and < 14 days
  • Maximum Altitude >2000m and <3000m
  • Difficulty - Medium

GR20 trek Corsica details

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