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The Manali-Chamba-Sach Pass trek is a difficult trekking route and involves trekking on an altitude which goes upto 3600m and passes through Bidrabani, Kilar, Traila, Sach Pass and Chamba.


Day 1 Manali-Udaipur-Raoli, drive by taxi/jeep
Day 2 Raoli-Sach (2150m)
Day 3 Sach-Kilar
Day 4 Kilar-Bindrabani (2800m), steep down to Chenab river and then long steep ascents to Bindrabani
Day 5 Bindrabani-Bagotu (3600m), climb to Duna Sarai (2500m) and further to Bagotu
Day 6 Bagotu-Satrundi (3400m), long steep ascent to the Sach Pass and then few hours down to camp
Day 7 Satrundi-Traila (2000m)
Day 8 Traila-Chamba (996m) by taxi/jeep
Day 9 Chamba-Pathankot via Dalhousie by taxi/jeep

Best time for this trek: May-June or September-October


32° 17' 9.4992" N, 77° 10' 14.574" E

trekking features

  • Camping Trek
  • Length >7 days and < 14 days
  • Maximum Altitude >3000m and <4000m
  • Difficulty - Hard

Manali-Chamba-Sach Pass trek details

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