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41° 5' 45.2832" N, 15° 1' 45.4692" E

Molise is a region in South Italy. It borders with Abruzzo to the north-west, Lazio to the west, Campania to the south, Puglia to the south-east and the Adriatic Sea to the north-east. It has a charm and an authenticity that has been diluted in other parts of Italy. The landscape consists of broad plains sloping towards the Adriatic. As you move inland the terrain features rolling hills. In the north of the province there are the highlands. The farmland is very rich. There are the characteristic medieval hilltowns formed around a church, or - as in the case of Larino - a massive cathedral.

In the summer a series of festivals is held. May 25-27 of each year is dedicated to the Festival of San Pardo (A Fešt'e San Pàrd). In 2005, there were over 110 carts festooned with hand-made flowers. Each wagon is pulled by two white oxen. A procession moves from the historic centre and the cathedral to the cemetery and the old church which dates from the earliest days of the Christian era. It is at once a religious event, a historic event, and a family celebration. Each cart belongs to a particular family, and the cart's position in the procession is a sign of social standing. The entire event is choreographed with great precision.

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