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Sardinia 40° 2' 1.6224" N, 9° 5' 0.5892" E

Tharros, SardiniaIn Sardinia is possible to enjoy a holiday in lots and different ways. The geological nature of the territory, its climate and geographic position make Sardinia a special and unique place. 
The most characteristic image of Sardinia is perhaps the endless space and majestic landscapes. Due to its insular position and historical events, Sardinia is one of the Mediterranean areas where popular traditions are less contaminated by the outside world. One has the feeling of entering in another world.

Sardinia has about 7.000 Nuraghi, mysterious solidly stone-made constructions, that for their architectural peculiarity can be assimilated to pyramids, scattered everywhere in the region.

In the east-centre of Sardinia, surrounded by thick forest and splendid oleanders, we can find an impressive natural abyss: Su Gorroppu gorge. This is an impressing symbol of the Gennargentu Mountains. The gorge is a deep wound of calcareous rocks sculpted by water and shaped during the millenniums courses by the river.

two fiat 500's in CagliariOne of the less known area in Sardinia is the western south coast of the island. The beach at some areas is about 6 km. long with 50 meters high dunes, plenty of blooming asphodels.

Chief-town of the island, Cagliari is situated in the southern part of Sardinia, in the gulf Degli Angeli. The sightseeing tour of the Cagliari starts from the place that gives the name to the city: Castello (the castle). Other main places are Oristano in the west, Sassari in the north and Olbia in the east.

Natural products with unspoilt flavours are the trademarks of the typical Sardinia specialities like Sas Panadas, delicious savoury pies available in many areas in the island. The Cannonau is the most famous Sardinian red wine. The particular refined fragrance of Cannonau changes from area to area; it has a warm flavor, with an aftertaste which is similar to the bitter taste of dark chocolate.

Although Sardinia is a small island, there are a number of multiple day trekkings (especially in the Gennargentu Mountain range, the Supramonte mountain range and along the bay of Orosei) you can make and countless beautiful day hikes.

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