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43° 45' 0.7164" N, 10° 39' 32.166" E

Tuscany is one of the major and important regions of Italy for historical, artistic, cultural and landscape. Post in central Italy, bordered to the north-west with Liguria in the north with the Emilia-Romagna, in the east with the Marches and Umbria, south with Lazio. To the west, its 397 km of coastline continental is boundered to the the Ligurian Sea in central and northern part of Tuscany. In both north and east Tuscany is surrounded by Apennines and the whole region has lots of hills. Tuscany is universally known for its great wealth of monuments and works of art: famous worldwide are the cities of Florence, Lucca, Pisa and Siena; lesser-known are the cities of Arezzo, Carrara, Prato and Pistoia; finally, completely unknown to tourism although characterized by some monument to honour the city of Grosseto, Livorno and Massa. Not least are the many smaller, some of which genuine historic towns perfectly preserved, custodians of works of art of inestimable value.

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