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Only recently opened for foreigners, the trek through the Hindukush and Hinduraj mountains is one of the best treks offered in Pakistan

First you have to drive through the stunning and historic Swat valley, via Chitral town and through the Hindukush and the Hinduraj Mountains to reach the starting point of the trek in the Yarkhun valley.

From the Yarkhun you'll trek on to one of the offshoots of the legendary Silk Route, traversed by camel caravans of ancient times from the bazaars of Kashgar, Samarkand and Bokhara of Central Asia, to the Indian-subcontinent. Its an enchanting land of extensive highland steppes dotted with serene turquoise lakes set against the backdrop of towering snow capped peaks.

Arrive at Karumber pass (4300 m), which is adorned by the beautiful Karumber lake and is the meeting point of three of the greatest mountain ranges of the world, the Hindukush, the Karakorams and the Pamirs.

Little villages dot the landscape while large herds of yaks, goats and sheep can be seen grazing across the lush green meadows.

From Karumber lake you can trek down to the northern parts of the Ishkoman valley and then ascend to Chilinji Pass (5291m) and northern Hunza.

The trek ends at Ziarat, an ancient shrine with a large following amongst the local people.

From Ziarat drive back to  Islamabad along the “Karakoram highway” via Karimabad, the capital of Hunza.

Day 1 Paur
Day 2 Dobargar
Day 3 Lasht
Day 4 Kishmanja
Day 5 Ishkarwarz
Day 6 Ishkarwarz
Day 7 Shwarsher
Day 8 Karumber lake
Day 9 Karumber lake
Day 10 Shuinj
Day 11 Sokhtarabat
Day 12 Chilinji valley
Day 13 Chilinji base camp
Day 14 Chilinji pass - Biatar
Day 15 Ziarat




35° 54' 40.6728" N, 72° 19' 52.4568" E

trekking features

  • Camping Trek
  • Length >14 days and < 21 days
  • Maximum Altitude >5000m
  • Difficulty - Hard
  • Difficulty - Medium

Trek through the Hindukush and Hinduraj mountains details

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