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43° 0' 16.7292" N, 5° 42' 46.4076" W

The region Asturias in North-West Spain is regarded as one of the best spots in Europe for both relaxing and the more challenging mountain hikes. As the centre of Green Spain, Asturias offers an unrivalled mix of meadows, grasslands, forestation and mountains. It has a number of internationally popular walking routes ranging from the "Camino de Santiago" (the French route) which runs the length of Asturias, to the paths and trails that cover the “Picos de Europa” mountain range – an extension to the Pyrenees.
All cities of Asturias have their natural enchantment: the landscape, celebrations and tranquility of settlers. Everything in natural state so that visitor knows enjoying.

The active tourism in Asturias is organized by a network of signalized footpaths itineraries, formed by connection of ways, paths and tracks that try to avoid the highways transit to take advantage of nature’s expression.

Campings Asturias
The region of Asturias offers different camping’s services, located in coast zones with modern and comfortable infrastructure. Another opportunity that offers Asturias for adventures tourism.

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