Navarra trekking information


42° 19' 33.8232" N, 1° 30' 18.4572" W

The region of Navarra can be divided into three different areas: mountain, central and the Pamplona basin and riverbank. The three areas can be further divided into regions. The Pyrenees are in the north separating Navarra from France. The highest peaks lie in the eastern part and decrease in altitude westwards coinciding with the Basque mountains, in the Bidasoa river depression. The highest summit in the region is the Mesa de los Tres Reyes (The Three Kings' Table) that reaches 2434m. In between the Pyrenees lies the vast valley of the Aragon river. The mountains that rise just before the Pyrenees are the Huesca mountains, and include the Peña de Izaga, Idokorri, Zarikieta, Artxuba, Izko, Sarbil, Satrustegui, San Miguel and Urbasa sierras.

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