Unter Engadin trekking information


46° 27' 24.4116" N, 9° 36' 27.1584" E

Unter Engadin is a part of the region Graubunden. Engadin is dominated by the phenomenal mountain landscapes and beautiful valleys. The only national park of Switzerland is also in this district. It is only very sparsely populated. By comparison. Engadin is bordered on the south-west in the canton of Ticino, in the west to the canton of Uri, in the north to the cantons Glarus and St Gallen. Also adjacent to the Principality of Liechtenstein in the north. In the north-east borders in the Vorarlberg and the Tyrol in Austria, in the south-east to the Italian region of South Tyrol and in the south to the region of Lombardy. In the east of the canton, the Engadin think the drainage through the Inn, which also rises in the canton. In the vicinity of the origin of the Inn near the top Lunghinpas Maloja to take the watersheds between the North Sea, the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea. Here is the Julia to the north which culminated in the Rhine and finally in the North Sea.

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