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Geneve 46° 13' 4.2672" N, 6° 7' 49.3356" E

Geneva is famous for its hospitality, the city has a distinguished hotel tradition. The offer of top restaurants in both density and quality is world class. A beautiful Old Town with small, narrow alley ways, a mighty cathedral, gardens and parks for recreation and above all the lake, that offers a phenomenal view of the mountains of Savoyen

For more than four centuries Geneva has been an independent city and republic. Thanks to the humanitarian tradition of the city to take up people who think differently, the politically pursued have found refuge here. A centre for peace and liberty devel- oped out of this tradition. In no other city in Switzerland have so many great masterminds lived than here. Calvin, Jean Jacques Rousseau, Voltaire, Henry Dunant and many others.
Geneve is the proud host of UEFA's 2008 European Cup, the world's third-largest sporting event.

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