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Täschhorn 4491 m Domhütte tour via the northwestern flank, 5-6 hours From the Domhütte (2940 m) on the route towards the cathedral until lateral Spur at about 3400 m, (1 ¼ hours). Now sharply to the right and on the southeast Festigletscher. Through a glacial dumpers in the foot The Festi-Kinlücke (3734 m) at the base of the W-ridge of the cathedral. Sometimes on the very open valley on a steep snow and ice incision in the high-rise (1 ¼ - 1 ¾ hours).
On the other hand, you follow some 100 m the cathedral-W ridge rises up and then a kind of tape diagonally to the left on the Kingletscher downwards. This can be reached via a steep slope base (3812 m) of the giant Eiszugs, until near the summit Täschhorn last. It rises directly on the possible Eiszug high. The huge columns can be numerous zigzag forcing detours. Eventually you reach the SW ridge (Teufelsgrat) to about 4300 m, below the boom of his last steep rocks(sometimes complicated ). Through a snow-(ice-) Couloir it overcomes the upswing and follows the ridge to the summit.


46° 15' 49.3632" N, 7° 25' 39.7884" E

trekking features

  • Length < 7 days
  • Maximum Altitude >4000m and <4500m
  • Difficulty - Easy

Taschhorn 4491 Mtr. details

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