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The starting point of this diverse, but quite demanding day tour is the parking at the station. The path leads upwards at the village schoolhouse and the church up to the top houses and through the meadows of Obermatt to the village stream. According to the stables in juvenile wood, the path leads fairly steeply uphill and leads through a larch forest in the past Geer a striking rocks, the so-called stone peaks, gradually approaching the route now goes to the village stream. At the border Wald invites a cool fountain to a first soothing rest. From here, the path leads through zigzags mostly arid mountain grass at large boulders over the Lärchweg up under the steep and at first glance fairly repellent abyss.

The Wanderer is now, partly fuse using ropes, partly through artificial stairs rising to the very varied way, especially on the exposed bodies by wire ropes and iron pins secured.

Is the cliff overcome, he follows the markers through a rubble heap, and even this is overcome, he finally sees the new Domhütte ahead. But appearances are deceiving, it is still a good half hour to go until he reaches it. Like a huge oversized rock crystal is the new, octagonal hut on the rocks below the mighty of the lateral Festigletschers to 2940 meters above sea level. It is primarily a starting point for the ascent of the cathedral. But the Täschhorn wrinkled and the summit of Nadelgrates are very popular Alpinistenziele who are from here will be achieved. - When the weather rewarded with a unique panoramic view of the numerous rail in the sun of four-thousand of the inner Vispertales for the effort of the ascent.


- Good physical condition
- Gehtüchtigkeit and dizziness freedom
- Good walking shoes or hiking boots
- Rain and warm clothes


46° 1' 23.8044" N, 7° 44' 28.9932" E

Ascent from Zermatt to Domhuette details

Phone: 0041/27 967 26 34
Homepage: www.domhuette.ch/

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