Roadhouse Cafe


27° 40' 34.0896" N, 85° 18' 46.5336" E

Delicious wood fired pizza and other Italian dishes. Nice setting. Good coffee. Popular restaurant among Nepalis and expats. Roadhouse also has restaurants in Thamel and Bhat Bhatteni areas.

They have free WIFI internet in the afternoon.

restaurant features

  • WIFI / wireless internet
  • mid-range

Roadhouse Cafe details

Address: Pulchowk / Patan

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User Reviews
out of 10
The best place for woodfire pizza

Roadhouse Cafe is the most popular spot for having pizza even when there is no power because they cook pizza in wood fire and that's why they are famous for!

Suman Pant

out of 10
Tasty Italian food

We had pleasant evening in Roadhouse, they serve good Italian food and some nepali dishes.

The Netherlands

out of 10
Good pizza's, nice setting

Roadhouse Cafe serves good pizza's in a nice setting. Patan's branche is a small sister of the more famous restaurant in Thamel

Kiran Khadka

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