Selvaggio Blu Trek

The Selvaggio Blu Trek in Sardinia is one of the most beautiful treks in Italy...... and one of the most wildest and challeging.
The route of this stunning trek/expedition goes from the town of Santa Maria Navarrese (close to Arbatax) to the beach of Cala Luna and involves climbing and abseiling. It follows the coastline the Orosei Gulf, one of the most breathtaking gulfs of the Mediterranean sea.


Day 1: Santa Maria Navarrese to Pedralonga.
Day 2: Pedralonga to Portu Quau, via Portu Pedrosu.
Day 3: Portu Pedrosu to descend to the beautiful beach of Goloritzè, via Punta Salinas, part of the route goes along the edge of the 200 meter high cliffs over the sea.
Day 4: Cala Goloritzè to the area of Ololbizzi, along the Boladina Canyon
Day 5: Beach near Ololbizzi to Cala Sisine
Day 6: to the beautiful beach at Cala Luna, via the Sedda Eranu pass. From here you can take a boat back to Santa Maria Navarrese or to Cala Gonone.

Best time for this trek: April to June

We recommend you to to this trek/expedition by an organized tour as the second part involves some serious climbing and abseiling.


40° 15' 43.0488" N, 9° 37' 29.0712" E

trekking features

  • Camping Trek
  • Length < 7 days
  • Maximum Altitude <2000m
  • Difficulty - Hard

Selvaggio Blu Trek details

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