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Shangrila Tours was established in 1995 in Lhasa, Tibet. It quickly became a recognized leader in the field of Tibetan travel, offering a wide variety of Tibetan tours and excursions to customers in over 80 countries.

From its beginning, Shangrila Tours has focused on providing superior customer service. Emphasizing creative yet solid solutions to the administrative difficulties and service barriers inherent in the international market of Tibetan travel. Shangrila Tours has attracted a team of professionals – including local Tibetan guides, local Tibetan drivers, Tibetan trekking teams, and local customer service specialists – that are unrivaled in today’s market. Shangrila Tours delivers on its promise of astonishing service that adapts to any of the needs of its clients, from the moment they land in Asia, until the moment they depart.


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Address: Shangrila Tours
Phone: 0086 - 891 6330823
Fax: 0086 - 891 6344009

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