Singalila Ridge Trek

Singalila Ridge trek will take you from Darjeeling towards the mighty Kanchenjunga, which is the world’s third highest peak. This is an outstanding and well-liked short trek, combined with a tour of the important and pleasing towns of Darjeeling and Kalimpong. It starts from Sandakpu to Phalut. You will be also passing through Singalila National Park.

It is an easy route to trek to Singalila with the good trails most of the time. Jeep road also runs beside the trekking route for the first two days and then after that you will be walking in the largest of the zig-zags.

The trails are not very steep so you can take it easy and the altitude is also not that extreme.

trekking features

  • Camping and/or teahouse/lodge trek
  • Length >7 days and < 14 days
  • Maximum Altitude >3000m and <4000m
  • Difficulty - Easy

Singalila Ridge Trek details

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