Snowman Trek

The 25-day Snowman trek of Bhutan is into the country’s most remote valleys. This is probably one of the hardest high altitude treks, but an incredible experience for anyone who takes the challenge. Bhutan’s pristine landscape, wonderful people and fascinating Buddhist culture provide the ingredients for a memorable journey into one of the world’s most remote kingdoms.
The Snowman trek is frequently closed because of snow, and is impossible during winter. The season for this trek is generally considered to be from late September to mid-October. Neither it is good to plan summer trek because this is a miserable place to be during the monsoon and even if it is planned for the suitable time, double checking of the emergency evacuation insurance is needed.
Travelling into the Lunana district the Snowman trek is so named for the six mountains over 7000 metres (23,100 ft.) which the trek passes beneath. Starting in Drukgyel Dzong after a short drive from Paro, the trail set out heading directly towards Jhomolhari at 7314m (24,135 ft. ) the third highest peak in Bhutan. Following the Paro Chhu river valley up into the mountains will be a prelude to the magnificent high altitude trekking which follows. Passing Buddhist monasteries and small villages, the lands unchanged for hundreds of years. The trail of the Snowman trek passes through blue pine, juniper and rhododendron forests, and the famous Himalayan blue sheep, bearded vultures and Himalayan griffons flying overhead are commonly seen along this trek.
Suggested Itinerary for the Snowman Trek
Day 1: Drukgyel Dzong to Sharna Zampa
Day 2: Sharna Zampa to Thangthangka
Day 3: Thangthangka to Jangothang
Day 4: Rest day in Jangothang
Day 5: Jangothang to Lingshi
Day 6: Lingshi to Chebisa
Day 7: Chebisa to Shomuthang
Day 8: Shomuthang to Robluthang
Day 9: Robluthang to Limithang
Day 10: Limithang to Laya.
Day 11: Rest day in Laya
Day 12: Laya to Rodophu
Day 13: Rodophu to Narethang
Day 14: Narethang to Tarina
Day 15: Tarina to Woche
Day 16: Woche to Lhedi
Day 17: Lhedi to Thanza
Day 18: A rest day in Thanza
Day 19: Thanza to Danji
Day 20: Danji to Tsochena
Day 21: Tsochena to Jichu Dramo
Day 22: Jichu Dramo to Chukarpo
Day 23: Chukarpo to Thampe Tsho
Day 24: Thampe Tsho to Maurothang
Day 25: Maurothang to Sephu
Best time for this trekking will be the month from September to October

trekking features

  • Camping Trek
  • Length > 21 days
  • Maximum Altitude >5000m
  • Difficulty - Hard

Snowman Trek details

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