Tibet Gorkha Hotel

Tibet Gorkha Hotel in Lhasa is a specially designated tourist hotel related for foreign affairs. It's is two star hotel with unique Tibetan traditional architecture characteristics. The entire architecture style and decoration features of the hotel reflect the cream of rich and distinctive Tibetan culture. In particular, the old building s used o be the seat of the Nepalese Consulate in Tibet, and the main building as well as trees in the yard has about two-hundred-year history. 
Tibet Gorkha hotel the located between the well-known street Harkor and South Jiangsu Road


29° 39' 22.3524" N, 91° 7' 54.966" E

Special features

  • Bar
  • Centrally located
  • Meeting room
  • Restaurant

Tibet Gorkha Hotel details

Address: Suti 45, South lingkor Road, Lhasa

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