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Tierra del Fuego (Spanish for "Land of Fire") is an archipelago separated from the southernmost tip of the South American mainland by the Strait of Magellan.
The southern point of the archipelago forms Cape Horn. The eastern part of the archipelago belongs to Argentina, being part of the Tierra del Fuego Province; its capital is Ushuaia, the biggest city of the archipelago, and the other important city in the region is Río Grande, over the Atlantic coast.
Hiking circuits in Tierra del Fuego present a span of possibilities for priviledged adventures in the end of the world. The Andes range presents two well defined areas. To the north of the mountains the steppe presents a continental landscape, while to the south hillsides fall into the sea in a typical Fuegian frame. Hiking and cross country ski are some of the exclusive activities practised in this vast geography. Many of these mountains have not yet been travelled by man. The importance of Tierra del Fuego National Park lies in keeping the pristine condition of nature, only altered by beavers, which, introduced from Canada five decades ago, have occupied 90% of water courses in the region and provoked a substantial alteration in the island´s environment. We highly recommend you cross the Andes in a north south direction from the steppe to the mountains while joining the cities of Río Grande and Ushuaia.
In the valley of Tierra Mayor you can alternate some hiking circuits with other deep sensations. 94 Km from Tolhuin and 20 km from Ushuaia there are several trails leaving from the shelters in Solar del Bosque and Tierra Mayor from where you can venture into the heart of the Fuegian range. Beavers are the main characters in this scenery. Since they have no predators, they reproduce in an incredible way and are constantly building dams, what causes many alterations. From a few walks (sendero) you will have a amazing view on the Beagle Channel. Sailing the Beagle Channel can be the experience of a lifetime. You should combine your trekking or hiking adventure with such a tour. There are various circuits that allow travelers to watch the sea lion and bird colonies on the small islands or the crabs submarine world by means of an underwater camera. There are also longer trips reaching the famous Lapataia Bay (last point in National Route Nº 3) within Tierra del Fuego National Park, or to "Estancia Harberton".

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