Yunnan, a province of the China can be found in the far south of the country. Yunnan means south of Yunling Mountains. It is the most diverse province biologically and culturally. Yunnan has very high level of ethnic diversity, out of 56 well known ethnic groups of China, twenty five are found in Yunnan.

Yunnan is China’s major tourist destinations and tourist centers in Yunnan are –

1. Dali – the historic center of the Nanzhao and the most popular tourist destination for its historic sites and with the great western style food, music and English speaking owners.

2. Chuxiong – a beautiful city 127km west of Yunnan. Yi Ren Gu Zhen is an ancient town and tourist attraction in the northwestern “new town”. You can enjoy dancing and music of the Yi ethnic minority. You can even buy some handmade garb as your souvenirs.

3. Jinghong – is a historical capital of the former Tai kingdom. The main attraction of Jinghong is the Dai Water Splashing Festival, which is a form of New Years celebration.

4. Lijiang City is the world famous Old Town of Lijiang and it is listed as the World Heritage Sites.

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