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36° 6' 4.8744" N, 112° 5' 22.3296" W

The South Kaibab Trail is a hiking trail in Grand Canyon National Park (Arizona). The trekking trail begins at the south rim of the Grand Canyon and follows a ridge out to Skeleton Point which garantuees a 360-degree views of the amazing Grand Canyon.
This 11 km long trail is the most scenic and least traveled of the main trails into the Canyon (the Bright Angel Trail being the other). The South Kaibab trail begins along the side road to Yaki Point. It is not possible to park at the trailhead, but the road is linked to the visitor center by a free shuttle bus system.

The trail passes along the following points (of interest)

Cedar Ridge - 2.4 km
Skeleton Point - 4.8 km
The Tipoff (Tonto Trail junction) - 7 km
Colorado River (River Trail) - 10 km
Bright Angel Campground - 10.25 km
Phantom Ranch - 11 km (roughly 7 miles)

It can be done as a day trek (13 to 14 miles for a return journey), you can spend the night a the Bright Angel Campground and return the next day or hike further / back via another trail in the Grand Canyon.

trekking features

  • Length - day trek/hike
  • Maximum Altitude >2000m and <3000m
  • Difficulty - Easy

South Kaibab Trail - Grand Canyon details

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