On a Late Trek - How Booking Late Is Good For a Trekker

Due to the increase in booking apps and web-based and mobile bookings, late holidays have experienced a real upsurge in reservations in recent years. Travel is now at our fingertips, and booking it is quicker and easier than ever before. Last-minute holidays are becoming an increasingly attractive option for trekkers too. There are many benefits of waiting until the last minute to book a trekking holiday.

Saving the holiday cash

Trekkers can enjoy big savings when they leave a holiday booking until the last minute. Price of flights and accommodations are often offered at a bargain. Some tour operators and hotels may throw in special offers and promotions such as complimentary breakfast and free child places. Some travelers cancel or reschedule at the last minute, creating opportunities for others. Last minute all-inclusive holiday packages that include flight, airport transfer, accommodation and car rental can often save you a whole load of money. It’s like buying in bulk: items bought separately tend to cost more than when purchased in mass. As flight dates (or the high season) approaches, hotels and resorts often reduce their prices at the last minute to fill up unsold inventory. Airlines will send last-minute deals via emails, e-newsletters or social media such as Twitter and Facebook.

Being flexible

Last-minute booking offers you flexibility to travel within a short notice. If you can be un-rigid as to when you travel, waiting till late to decide upon your destination can stir up your sense of adventure! You just have to be flexible on dates and then let the prices take you places! Going last minute deal is a good option if you choose to travel when demand is low. Not only that, you can gauge the weather closer to when you’re traveling. There’s nothing worse than turning up in shorts and T-shirt, only to see the rain lash down when you arrive at your destination. You should plan where you want to go trekking, plan your route, as this can help you secure the lowest possible price.


Most trekkers are worried of limited choice if they don’t book well in advance. However, there will be plenty of destinations to choose from. The locations available might differ from where you’d have originally thought of trekking, but that opens you up to new trekking experiences. Better still, it opens you up to them for less.
There are many benefits of booking a trekking holiday at the last minute. The travel market has lots to offer whether you are trekking in the Himalaya in Asia or Tour Due Mont Blanc in France. It’s a chance to really make the most of the travel experience. Are you up for it?

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