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53° 13' 9.0876" N, 21° 57' 42.012" E

The Primeval Forest of Bialowieza located in northeast Poland is the best preserved of Europe. The area is through the ages of man escaped of destroy because both the Polish kings, as the Russian Tsars liked chasing and as such nothing and nobody could go in this area. The environment has hardly been disturbed and we will find trees in all shapes and sizes, portrait, hanging, lying, dead and alive. Due to the great diversity, birds feel very much at home here. But also the last in the wild wisents of Europe, European bison, are there for.

In Suwalszczyzna, the northern part of the province, at the border with Lithuania, the ice ages soil on the shovel so as to give an irregular hills landscape was formed with hundreds of crisp lakes interconnected by many streams, brooks and rivers. The swamps, which in the spring forms a paradice for birds and birdwatchers. There are as many as 176 species of birds observed, but also the moose, beaver and otter are still frequent. Even the wolf has not left the area.

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