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Bariloche / San Carlos de Bariloche

Bariloche is located on the West of the Province of Río Negro. Bariloche, also called San Carlos de Bariloche, is bathed by the clear waters of Lake Nahuel Huapi. It is a splendid location and beautiful surroundings.  The city is at a distance of 1,640 km from Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina.
Bariloche is one of the main tourist destinations in Argentina. It is a good spot for winter as for summer. You can find Mount Catedral here, which is one of the most important ski resorts in Argentina. Many snow sports are possible here. The summer means adventure. The rough water courses are ideal for the practice of rafting. 
Other sports and activities in this environment are hiking, mountain biking and horse riding. Also climbers see the high peaks as a challenge. As for hiking and trekking; there are numerous excursions to book. Popular trekkings excursions include:
Cerro Lopez; This hike begins early from Circuito Chico(Lower Circuit) and ascends to Mountain Hut Lopez via a relaxed trail.
Cerro Ventana: The mountain Ventana offers beautiful panoramic views including Lake Gutierrez, Mount Catedral and Mount Otto, the city of Bariloche, and Lake Nahuel Huapi that seem to be all around you and at your feet.
Mountain Hut Frey: The surroundings of the mountain retreat Frey is a hiker's and rock climber's paradise, a magnificent scene rich in granite rock formations. 
Cerro Tronador: The trek through Mountain Tronador entails views of ancient glaciers, mighty peaks, and beautiful waterfalls. The trek starts 90 kilometers away from the city.
Catedral's South Peak and Campanile Valley: For the more experiences trekker. Weather permitting it is recommended spending one or two nights in a rock cave at 2000 meters over the sea level, inside the Campanile valley which is one of the most spectacular places in the region of Bariloche.
The night life is also very good. The possibilities are unlimited. There are many discos, restaurants, bars and shops. As for food there are many Patagonian Delights like Jams and jellies, chocolates, beer, smoked fish, pancakes and cheeses.

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