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torres del paine trekkingExplore the world renowned trekking routes in Patagonia Chile's most famous national park. Torres del Paine is an internationally acclaimed Chile trekking destination with panoramic scenery, exotic wildlife and diverse ecosystems. the internationally renowned Patagonia trekking destination and park of Torres del Paine lies all in the south of Patagonia, approximately 2500 kms from Santiago. Declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 1978, and on the list to be declared a World Heritage site, Torres del Paine is recognized as one of the most breathtaking, unspoiled places on earth. It is believed that the name "Paine" originates from a Tehuelche Indian word meaning "blue". Thus, Torres del Paine means the "Blue Towers". 
The spectacular Paine Massif, with peaks Cuernos (Paine Horns) and Grande, dominates the panoramic landscape of the park. This is the place for Chile Trekking! The park itself is host to numerous ecosystems including, calving glaciers, snow-capped mountains, cascading rivers and waterfalls, lush meadows, mirror-like turquoise alpine lakes, Magellenic forests, arid Pampas. People Trekking in Chile's Torres del Paine Park can expect to see birds like the Andean Condor, Rhea's, Nandu's (American ostrich), Cara Cara's, and Pink Flamingos and mammals like the Guanaco (relative of the domesticated llama), Gray and Culpeo Foxes and possibly Pumas. There are a few trekking options. The famous "W" circuit lets you experience the best of Torres del Paine trekking, all from the comforts our our Patagonia Eco Camp and mountain side inns. Or you can choose for the whole circuit of 11 days including depart from Punta Arenas. You actually hike from day 3 till day 10.

Itinerary: Trekking the Paine Circuit 

Day 1 - Arrive in Punta Arenas on the northern shore of the Strait of Magellan. 
Days 2-3 - Drive to Torres del Paine National Park, followed the next day by a 10-hour roundtrip hike to the incredible granite needles of the Torres del Paine. 
Days 4-6 - Hike through beech forests and open grasslands past beautiful glacier-fed lakes of incredible hue. 
Day 7 - A challenging day: cross Paine Pass (4,000 m) and descend steeply through rough terrain to Lago Grey, skirting the enormous Grey Glacier emanating from the Patagonia Ice Field. 
Day 8 - Hike to the face of the Grey Glacier, then on to Lago Pehoe. Optional half-day hike on the Grey Glacier using crampons. 
Day 9 - Hike into the French Valley, with views of tumbling glaciers and the jagged peaks of the distinctive cuernos (horns), and along the shores of Lago Nordenskjold. 
Day 10 - Take a catamaran across the lake and drive to an hosteria for overnight. 
Day 11 - Drive to Punta Arenas and depart.


50° 58' 41.9448" S, 72° 32' 18.978" W

trekking features

  • Camping and/or teahouse/lodge trek
  • Length >7 days and < 14 days
  • Maximum Altitude >3000m and <4000m
  • Difficulty - Medium

Torres del Paine Circuit Trek details

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