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27° 46' 12" N, 85° 22' 12" E

BudhanilkanthaBudhanilkantha is located 8 km north of Kathmandu. You can reach there by the number five mini bus from Kantipath or by a safa tempos from Kantipath or just take a taxi from your hotel. If you are coming to Nepal in the month of November, than you can also see the festival which takes place at Budhanilkantha on the day Vishnu (The God) is suppose to awaken from his annual slumber. Non-Hindus cannot enter the temple but you can have an unobstructed views from outside the fence. You have to buy an entry ticket to enter the site.

There is a story behind this temple. Lord Vishnu has many incarnations and in Nepal it is called as Narayan, the creator of life. 5m long image of Vishnu was created in the 7th or 8th century from 1 piece of monolithic piece of stone and it is also one of the most ipressive Vishnu Shrine in the country. It was made in the period of Licchavi period. It is said that it was made outside the valley and bought here in Kathmandu. In this shrine Narayan sleeps peacefully on the multiheaded snake and the snakes 11 hooded head rise to protect around the Narayan's head. Narayan's four hands holds teh four symbols of Vishnu. This image of sleeping of Vishnu whies lies in a small sunken pond attracts pilgrims. Every morning at 9 the prayer takes place here. It is said that Vishnu is supposed to sleep for four monsoon months and wakes up at the end of the monsoon.

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