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27° 49' 0.12" N, 85° 15' 0" E

KakaniKakani is situated at 2073m northwest of Kathmandu. It offers magnificient views of the Ganesh Himal and the central and western Himalaya. The 24km road to Kakani offers a nice bike ride from the Kathmandu, Nepal.

Kakani is famous for the views which will keep your mouth open because of the beauty of the mountain scenery. You can also see the century-old villa used by the British Embassy and large police training college, army posts crowd. Shiva shrine across the road offer wider Himalayan views. You can see the construction of an International Mountaineer Memorial Park below the hillside by the Government of Nepal. Kakani is at one hour distance by a car and a motorbike from Kathmandu but if you want to enjoy the nature more than you should try the bicycle trip to Kakani. You can refresh yourself in a number of restaurants on the way to Kakani. In Kakani itself you'll find several budget accommodations to spend the night

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