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27° 40' 31.1484" N, 85° 31' 45.9228" E

Nagarkot, sunsetNagarkot is a very popular tourist destination near Kathmandu, Nepal. It is only 32 km east of Kathmandu and it is an altitude of 2175 meters. From Nagarkot, you can enjoy the panoramic view of the major peak and Mt. Everest can also be seen from Nagarkot. The main attraction of Nagarkot is the sunrise and the sunset. Nagarkot also offers a great view of the valley and it is also described by the visitors a place whose beauty stays the same year around. There are few visitors who wanted to visit Nagarkot in the month of Spring because at this time the valley looks different because of the colorful flowers. The flower creates a contrast with the snow-covered mountains.

Nagarkot offers unique and delightful treks which is good option for an adventure without exerting much effort. You can hike to Nagarkot and stay there one or two night and enjoy the sunset and sunrise. Enjoy the view of the snow-covered mountains. The top activity done by every person at Nagarkot is to sit back, relax and watch the long wall of snow-covered peaks that stretches off into the distance. There are lots of Hotels in Nagarkot where you can spend your night and enjoy the great view of the mountains.

Then while coming back from Nagarkot, you can also take a popular walk which will take you to the Changu-Narayan (World-Heritage site). From Changu Narayan you can walk down to Sankhu and take a bus back to Kathmandu.

Below you can find a video taken during sunset at Club Himalaya Resort in Nagarkot.

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