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27° 35' 6.8208" N, 85° 31' 7.1436" E

PanautiPanauti is a historical city in Nepal. It is a small city which is just 36 km far from Kathmandu, Nepal. It is a junction of Roshi Khola and Pungamati Khola. There is a saying that, the entire town is abuilt on a single piece of solid stone, making it protected to earthquake. Panauti was once a junction of important trading route, but today, it is just a quite backwater retained and restored its architecture and has a number of interesting temples and out of that we can also find the one of the oldest temple in Nepal. There are few popular temples at Panauti like Indreshwar Mahadev Temple, Krishna Narayan Temple, Brahmayami Temple.

 You can easily reach Panauti by a car, bike or by a bus. The buses run regularly from Old Bus Park (Kathmandu, Nepal) and it will only cost you Nrs. 19 via Banepa.

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