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37° 40' 30.45" N, 1° 42' 0.4824" W

Lorca (Murcia) has been declared a Site of Historical−Artistic Interest. The old quarter of the town is replete with cobbled streets that run round the Medieval walled enclosure, dotted with numerous churches and convents (15th century−18th century). Among the highlights are the Plaza de España, the Collegiate Church of San Patricio, palaces and mansions featuring spectacular coats−of−arms, such as the Palace of Guevara (17th century), one of the most important examples of the Civil Baroque style throughout the entire Levant. Visitors must also see the Fortress (13th century), which has been converted into a thematic centre designed to help us understand the town's past through a series of exhibitions, interactive workshops and historical scenes acted out live. Neither should we forget to mention the various Embroidery Museums, where we can enjoy a rather different Holy Week throughout the entire year, featuring a series of veritable works of art embroidered in gold and silk. • Enjoy the town's unique Biblical−Passion Processions during Holy Week. Enjoy the area's diverse landscapes, ranging from the Beaches of Calnegre to the "High Lands" of the North−East.
The Visitor Centre is located in the former Convent of La Merced (16th century) and provides the starting−point for any visit. The Archaeological Museum offers us a historical tour through the civilizations that inhabited the town from the time of the Mid−Palaeolithic Period up until the Medieval Period.

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