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The Royal Annapurna trekking & Villages Tour March-April 2010

We recommend you hiring "Above The Himalaya Trekking" Agency for all yous trips to Nepal, whether tourist, culture, adventure or trekking.
We would like to congratulate Mr. Puru Timalena for his profesionality and the special attention he gives to his costumers.
Puru organized for us two trekkings very pleasant and easy for walking according to our demand. In the first one (The Royal Annapurna Trek) besides the special views over cultivated fields and the relation with local children we enjoyed a lot the company of our guide Purna Kark and his team, we felt were treated like kings in every moment and they gave us more of their persons than any tourist deserve.
The second trekking allows us to participate in the normal life of Puru´s village named Pursuk, living with his family as special guests. The experience was very intensive as well as instructive and exemplary for european people living in a big city, we are sure we will never forget them, specially children and elderly people. I strongly recommend this great experience.
This tryp fulfilled all and more than we expected thank to Puru´s efficient working practices. Be sure, you can trust him.
Finallly we want to thank specially Mr. Purna Kark, our guide in the Royal Annapurna trek, and his team, for their kind attention, good nature and of course their camp cooking, better than in many luxuries restaurants.
Antonio Tirado & Victoria Marcos
Engineer and pharmacist, aged 51. Madrid .Spain
atirado@telefonica.net vmarcos@telefonica.net

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